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Doug Casey

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Best-Selling Author, Super-Successful Speculator Doug Casey is our international advisor. "Investors typically risk 100% of their money in the hope for a 10% return," explains investment legend Doug Casey. "As speculators, we look to reverse the formula... risking just 10% of our money to generate a return of 100%. Or better." Done correctly, speculation can be very useful, even to the most conservative investor. It simply requires learning how to turn the risk/reward equation to your favor. That's where Doug Casey comes in, focusing on smaller gold, silver, energy and other resource exploration companies that are greatly undervalued to the size of their targets.

By doing the hard work needed to uncover the gems in these high-potential sectors--through careful analysis of management, financials, share structures, geology, exploration and development plans and much, much more--Doug is then able to reduce the risk to a level that would be acceptable to even conservative investors.

And few investors have a better track record of successful speculation than Doug Casey... whose book Crisis Investing was #1 on the New York Times bestseller list for 29 consecutive weeks.

You may have heard or seen Doug on any of his hundreds of radio and TV appearances, including Letterman, Charlie Rose, NBC News or CNN... or read features on him in periodicals such as People, US, Time, Forbes, or the Washington Post (to name a few).

In May of 2005, the New York Times Sunday Magazine presented a comprehensive article on gold investing that led by featuring a quote from Doug. And in June 2005, he was the sole authority featured in a story on uranium that ran on NPR's popular Marketplace program.

The reason for Doug's enduring success, in his personal investment portfolio and with the services he publishes, is that he knows what he knows and sticks with it. If you are looking for follow-the-crowd-type investments--the sort your broker tells you about, or that you might hear about on the Saturday financial talk shows--Doug's subscription-supported services are not for you.


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