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Appeal for $100,000

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The Free Market Monetary Education Association wants your donations and membership. We are raising $100,000 to open three library facilities and two classrooms. These resources are to be available to students and members seeking information about the association, free market money, monetary policy, and mining stocks.

Each library would consist of a reading room with bookshelves, comfortable reading chairs, good lighting, tables, and a desk for the volunteer or paid attendant. In addition to brochures about our classes, we woud make available information from mining companies, books about monetary policy, books about gold and silver, and reference materials. There would also be at least one terminal with an Internet connection for members to use. The books would not be lent out. Students showing valid student status and members of the association would have free access. The general public would be charged admission.

Each classroom would be set up for teaching classes of any size, generally using computer workstations for interactive learning. Both classrooms are planned to be adjacent to library facilities.

We have already identified locations and made arrangements for furniture and equipment. All we need now is money.


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